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Hi All
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Sorry but this site as unique as it maybe is no longer mantain all of the vids please go to our new site

need help find this video
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The video called Blue Collar Cheese Factory. Saw a sence the other day and try to find it but didn't have luck. So if anyone here is expert of video searching?

A lot thanks if you can help me find it. Or if you have it can you please send to

And also looking for cheese cock in Shanghai China. I know not very much people here do that in China, but still wanna try one. Only into white guys.



filthy lads
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Is anyone else having problems with the link that they send you to join up to this site?

recherche à être pris en photos vidéos en décrassage de bites fromageuses avec des scénarios originaux décrassage avec mélange de crasse d'orteils et crottes de nez, entre cul gras poilu, entre orteils crasseux, sur un nid poilu d'aisselles ... CONTACTER MOI sur ma langue décrasseuse de lope à votre dispo

Any cheese lads in Norway?
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Would love to meet mature husky or bear lad with a cheesy dick wich i can clean up and suck dry.

What's the best tips for building up your cheese?
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It takes me a while to properly build up cheese, I usually have a bit but nothing like some of the other cheeseperts here so I'm interested in your tips for building up cheese

what is it about smeg that gets you off?
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would love to know what gets you guys off!

If you've recently joined and you like it here ask a fellow member for an invite code to

the team
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We were at a party celebrating Vic's 19th birthday and Vic got really drunk, and we wound up alone in the basement of the house playing pool while the rest of the team were upstairs passed out, or soon to pass out. Ordinarily, I would not have been invited to a mainly jock party, but I was the football equipment manager, and he kind of had to include me even though the party was at Don's house. He wasn't doing very well at pool because of the booze and I could tell he wasn't happy about losing to a 'fag' and that he was soon going to have to assert some male jock dominance.

This was in an era when the jeans were real real low rise and 'joe cocker' t shirts were in. At one point he stretched his arms by raising his cue above his head with both hands and pushing his pelvis forward while leaning his shoulders back. The pits of his shirt were dark with sweat. His arms were thick with muscle and tanned, and covered with a thick network of bulging blue veins. His eyes were closed and he let out a luxurious groan. The V shape of his upper body was well defined and accentuated by this pose. His low rise jeans rode below his public hair line, just like Vinicius in the picture. I could see the beginnings of his curly bush. I could see the outline of his manhood packed inside those Levis, up and to the right. His t shirt rose up above his navel exposing abs and his fur and the treasure trail to the pubes. And his package was big. I stared. I couldn't help it. I didn't want to help it. I wanted to see more. I wanted Vic.