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I'm 19 I like cheese, unfortunately it would seem only older guys like it, no guys my age are into it. - New network has opened for smegmalads members,

Ian made me eat smegma
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"See that? That's smegma. Cock cheese. That's what happens when I don't wash all the time. I get it every day but I can't be bothered. This is 5 day's worth. Stinks don't it?"

I took a big whiff. It smelled like the most intense cocksmell I ever smelled. I took another big sniff of Ian's cock and continued to roll back his skin. At the ridge of his head, the skin pulled away suddenly and there, right in my face, was a huge accumulation of thick clumps of cheese joined by more creamy substance, and it all smelled immensely of dirty, filthy, unwashed cock. I brought Ian's cock to my nose and rubbed some of it right on the tip of my nose.

"Fuck man. Isn't that disgusting? I mean, aren't you grossed out?"

"No Ian", I said, and turned to look up at his face, "I have to say I like the smell of your dirty cock. I can smell it, and I can smell that old jockstrap smell of your nutsack, and, well, I like it a lot".

"You like my balls? Sniff em." and with that he pulled up his knees and shed his boxers once and for all, and layed straight out again, completely naked. I caught a good whiff of his feet as they flew by my nose too. Amazing. My cock ached.

I gave his handsome face one last look and then drove my face into his hairy, fragrant crotch. Heaven. Manstink heaven. Better than any sweaty jockstrap I ever secretly sniffed in a locker room. Better than any of the guy's dirty underwear I would beat off to when nobody was home. I licked and sucked his hairy balls while he moaned a bit, and muttered things like "fuckin' sick" and "dirty faggot". His breath was getting ragged and faster. I licked my way down to those feet and sniffed the totally sick sneaker smell and sour sock smell and licked the jam out from between his rank toes and sucked on the toes (which made him jump). He sat up.

I sat up because he was sitting up. His cock was standing straight up and the skin covered the head again.

"If you like my feet, buddy, you're gonna love the taste of my cheesy cock. SUCK me off!"

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How do you make your own smegma?
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I love cuming inside my foreskin & letting it ooze out during the day into my undies..making sure that I dont pull back my skin

what is it about smeg that gets you off?
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would love to know what gets you guys off!

What's the best tips for building up your cheese?
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It takes me a while to properly build up cheese, I usually have a bit but nothing like some of the other cheeseperts here so I'm interested in your tips for building up cheese

Looking in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA
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hey guys. gym guy here. way into cheese, love the Smell & Taste.
Anyone around that can help me out?

iPhone site
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Nice this site works on my iPhone, nice wen im on the train to work I can watch these vids whilst I spunk in my foreskin. my dick is gonna be soooo cheesey wen I get back in tonight.

Anyone interested in having a smegoff
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Does this sound like a good idea to anyone?The way I think it could work is day 1, everyone washes their cock and post a picture every day to to the site to show their cheese and at the end of the contest the others vote for who they think has accumulated the most cheese.