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the team cont.
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Vic stopped groaning and relaxed his stretch but kept his arms in the air. His eyes were open now and I could feel my face burning. He was looking straight at me and I knew that he knew that I was looking at his body. Wanting it. Aching for it. Willing to do whatever he told me to do for access to it. A shudder went through me. Vic looked down over his chest, past his stomach to the bulge that had attracted my gaze. He made it jump a bit behind the denim. And then he looked at me again with a knowing smirk. He let his arms fall now, and came towards me saying,

"You see something you want, Jim? What is it, huh? "

He placed his pool cue on the table. And put one hand on his growing mound, languidly massaging it as though I was not there. Soon he would have another kind of cue in his hand. He came closer to me. Close enough for me to smell his man scent. Close enough for me to feel the heat radiating from his chest upon my face. I was excited. And scared of what might come in the next few seconds. And so excited, my body actually vibrated in response to his closeness.

"I seen you lookin at me. And I know what the guys say about you. Is it true?” he said, almost directly into my ear. I could feel his breath on my neck and the barest tingle of the scratch of his unshaven face on my cheek. He was so close that if I moved at all I would have brushed his crotch with my right hand.

He placed one hand on my shoulder and began to exert pressure downward. I let my knees respond and began to lower myself to the rec room rug.

"I guess it's true then", he said as he fumbled with his belt..."You suck cock"

He said it like it was just any other statement, like he had said "I guess these jeans are real faded".

I could see that Vic's cock was thick and getting thicker behind the denim. He pulled his belt open and pulled his button fly apart in one tug. He was wearing white briefs. The waist band was riding so low that almost his entire lush pubic bush was before my face . The only think holding the underwear up appeared to be his manhood. He pushed the tight jeans down his well muscled hairy thighs exposing the moist cotton fabric of his briefs. Moist with his sweat. Moist with cock sweat. I could feel his heat on my cheeks and started to smell his crotch.

the team cont.
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Vic took a quick glance toward the cellar stairs and listened to hear if there was anyone walking around upstairs. It was quiet. We were alone in the rec room. He pulled his cock out of his shorts and rubbed it right in front of my face. It wasn't hard yet but it was getting bigger as I looked at it and he felt himself up. He reached down inside his briefs and cupped his sack in one hand, then he pulled his hand out and offered it to my nose. I smelled him. That familiar jockstrap smell from all those evenings in the locker room after the team left. I would sniff his smell right from his moist strap and t shirt pits. I loved Vic's masculine appearance and sharp musky body odors. I was kneeling in front of one of my major high school crushes and he was playing with his dick right in my face. I leaned into his hand as it offered his scent. He watched with a drunken lazy grin as I moved from his hand to deeply inhale from the source of that smell... his warm, low swinging scrotum. I looked up at him just in time to hear him say "Fuck man, that's nasty", to which I replied "MMMmmmmm I like the way you smell man. I always have"

Vic looked at me with a puzzed look, and then I said "ever loose one of your jockstraps, Vic?" and then he thought a minute and broke into a snearing grin as the realization that I had been jerking off to the smell of one of his used athletic supporters dawned on him. "You are one sick fucker dude."

"I am for sure." I said. "I like the smell and taste of your jock man. I pull at the pubes you left there with my teeth. After games, when you guys are all gone and I'm cleaning up after you pigs, I sniff the armpits on the t shirts you leave behind. Your pits smell great man. Makes me hard. I'm hard right now."

His cock was at attention now, but he was still concerned that one of the guys might come down and catch him getting blown by me. "Let's move into the john man" . So we went into the small downstairs bathroom. It had a vanity, and a toilet and a glassed in shower stall. There was hardly room for two big guys in the bathroom unless one of them was in the stall. I went in and took off my clothes while Vic shed his too. He held out his t shirt to me to sniff and it was real strong.

the team cont.
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"Man you stink so good, so strong". Vic replied that he had not showered after the game that night because he wanted to get to the party. "But you stink bad man," I said with a smile. "Yeah, well it is just us guys, no girls to clean up for. Besides, a lot of the guys just came over here without showering. Didn't you notice - - not too many towels to wash?" And then I remembered how quickly they had gotten out of the locker room, and how quickly I had, too, as a result.

Vic's dick was a little softer now. "I, um, I need to take a leak man. Beer, right?" The toilet was right beside the shower and Vic tried to turn his back to me. His tight ass muscles clenched and released. "Turn around" I said. He looked back over his shoulder. "Turn the fuck around" I repeated. He slowly turned. His stream had not yet started. He was facing me now and the toilet was not between us.

"Go ahead Vic. I want you to."

Vic muttered something like "Jesus fucking Christ" and let loose. He was about a foot away from my face. The deeply erotic smell of his balls was replaced almost immediately by the acrid smell of hot yellow piss. It was splashing on my face and wetting my hair. It was hot from his body heat and I, I .....I opened my mouth to taste his man juice. "FUCK" was all I heard.

It was not Vic who said it. It was Eric. He was sort of hanging off of the bathroom door, leaning in, with a look of complete surprize and disgust on his face. 'WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?"

Vic's streaming cock stopped pissing and he turned away from the door. I wiped my piss drenched face with my hand and looked at Eric and said, "I'm drinking piss man. And when I'm finished getting pissed on, I'm going to lick Vic's sweaty stinking asshole clean. Then I'm going to suck on his balls" and by this time Vic and Eric were looking at each other with astonishment. "And I'm going to suck his big fucking salty cock until he blows his cumwad in my mouth. What do you want Eric?" I never could have said anything, much less THAT, unless I'd had so many beers in me.

"He's a real fucking pig, man" Vic said to Eric. "I've got to finish pissing. Go see if Don and Phil and anybody else is awake. Ask em if they want a blow job. Jim here is gonna do us all tonight".

the team cont.
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Before I knew it I was sucking real hard on Vic's asshole and licking him while he moaned about how no one ever put their mouth on his asshole before. The smell of his sweaty crack was intoxicating. I heard guys on the stairs and laughing. They were coming closer. Vic stood up straight, turned around, and pulled my mouth onto his cock right down to the root. The taste of his ass was cancelling out the taste of his cock. I wanted to taste cock. I wanted to swallow cum and swish it around my mouth like a mouth wash. Different guys' heads appeared in the doorway but there wasn't really room for another guy in there while Vic was fucking my mouth so vigorously. I was gagging and my eyes were watering and they were laughing and really getting off on the show.

Then Jeff grabbed Vic by the shoulders and yanked him out of the bathroom and out of my mouth. He stepped in and immediately spat a huge gob in my face. He ripped down his zipper and pulled out a large, uncut hose. "Here you go faggot. I always knew you were a fucking fag". And with that his piss started. I leaned back and arched my head to catch all I could in my mouth. I wanted to be Jeff's toilet, his urinal. Don was looking in now and said "Holy fuck. Right in his mouth. Holy fuck." and started laughing.

Jeff's piss was clear like warm water, and had almost no taste or smell. That’s why I could smell his cock so strongly while he emptied himself into my adoring mouth. I could see his face and the look of utter contempt on it. His piss was coming to an end, but he had more in store for me.

Jeff undid his pants and yanked his jeans below his ass. His cock was really impressive, but I had always had a fascination with foreskin. I was staring at his. He stank. He started rolling back the skin, and well before he got the head fully exposed I could see the cheesy film covering his penis. When his retraction got to the end of his helmet shaped knob, the thick accumulation in that ridge and overwhelming smell of his scum assaulted my senses. "Eat it" he said.

I did not need to be told twice. I started licking and nibbling and I held this cock in my hand so I could lick really hard and get a lot of his smegma on my tongue at once, and I showed him my tongue and what a good cock cleaner I really was. He spat in my face and told me to suck him off. I sucked him like he was food and I was a starving man. He came in my mouth and pulled out and shot one more thick rope of football player cum across my nose. My mouth tasted like musky cum and dirty cock. He let go of my head, called me a fuckin faggot one more time and left the room. Don came in.

the team cont.
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It was immediately apparent that Don was one of the guys who had NOT showered. His BO filled the small room and got trapped within the shower stall where I knelt in two guys' piss. Don had already removed his shirt, shoes, socks, and pants. He was still wearing his putrid jock from that night's game - the only jock he had worn that entire season, practices and games. "Vic says you like to sniff our jocks. That’s fuckin sick man. I gotta see that. Take a big whiff". He shoved his fully packed dirty brownish never washed jockstrap and cock in my face. I almost gagged from the stench. I had eaten Vic's stinking ass, and eaten Jeff's cheese, but Don's jock was something else. He must have concentrated all of his crotch sweat for months in that one strap - maybe even from the summer. It was rippled at the waistband where the elastic was giving out and the pouch was so greyish - brown that you could swear you could see the germs moving around on it.

He was rubbing it back and forth across my face and I could feel that his cock was soft inside, but he had a set of really big balls that, from seeing him naked before, I knew hung low and swayed between his upper thighs when he walked. He was rubbing his awful smell on my face. I was coughing and trying not to inhale it was so gross. It smelled like ammonia and shit and mold. He stepped back from me and pulled the evil jock off and I caught a not too fetid breath, but then he wrapped it securely over my face and tied it tight with the straps behind my head. I was trapped with the wet stinking filthy pouch covering my mouth, nose and eyes. I could see through the worn out mesh that he was coming closer with his cock in his hand pointed at me. He let out a groan and a fart and let his piss fly all over that putrid pouch. It immediately gained stronger smell and I suppressed vomiting. His was by far the strongest smelling pissy deep golden urine smell of the night. Like he had been taking overdoses of vitamin C and it was all being expressed in his urine in my face on his fucking germ filled jock.

Then something in me changed. I took a deep sniff and liked it. It was a filthy man stink and I really liked it. He could hear me taking deep sniffs of his months and months of accumulated cock and ball sweat and his strong piss - a kind of gurgling wet sound - "That's right Jim. You got it now. Smell that. Keep sniffing my jock. Lick up my piss you fag." I was doing all of that. I was aware of the other guys outside the bathroom going "ewwwww" and "Jesus, did you know he was like that?"

the team cont.
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Don grabbed me by the hair and pulled me out of the shower stall. He pulled me to the doorway of the john. He finally took his jock off of my face and I could see all of the guys - Vic, Jeff, Don, Eric - they were all naked now. Their muscled bodies and strong smells made me drool from the tip of my cock. Vic was the hairiest and had a killer body that I had lusted after for months. He was stroking his thick cock about 18 inches from my face. I had tasted his ass. Jeff stood beside him, hard again, and relatively clean when his foreskin pulled back and forth over his cock with each tug of his hand. Eric was the only one that had not pissed on me or fucked my throat or made me lick his filthy places. Beside him was Don. I could still smell him and I liked the smell now. I moved closer to his crotch and took deep breaths as I jerked my cock. His big heavy balls bounced up and down as he pulled on his unit sending wafts of additional stink to my face for my enjoyment.

I figured they were getting ready to cum on me, when Eric told me to put my face on his feet. I complied and as I got closer I could smell that foot odor that always hung in the air long after he closed his locker and left the room. I had sometimes taken his shoes out and sniffed the insides and felt the leather and wondered what those awful feet would taste like. Now I knew. I was licking between all of his toes searching for the jam that only a true athlete's feet could generate. The smell and the taste overwhelmed me and I finally blew my load into my hand.

I straightened up and showed my thick white cum in my palm to the guys, and then brought it to my lips and slurped it into my mouth, and swallowed. The groans of disgust from the guys were in unison and almost immediately Vic moved in and came on my face. He came a lot, he kept shoot maybe 7 or 8 shots by the time he was done and he made sure that every drop landed square on my face. Globs of it were dangling from my chin when Don stepped up and said "open up". I turned to him and inhaled deeply of his stench, and accepted his ample nutt into my mouth. "Stay there. Don't even move" said Jeff, and he came forward and added his thick slime - his second climax of the night - to the load already in my mouth waiting to be swallowed. He got some up my nose with a stray shot.

the team finis
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The three relieved young men started talking and joking and back slapping about what they had just done to me. Eric made me get back in the stall. My face was still covered in Vic's goo. Eric spewed his own load of sperm all over my face too. Then he said "You are never going to live this down you know. You are gonna be our faggot for the rest of the year."

And with that he let his own amber piss stream flow over my face, rinsing away Vic's cum and his own cum, and near the end, he told me to put my mouth over his knob and just drink it.

After we were all dressed and back in the rec room, everybody was pretty quiet. I guess the realization of what they had done was settling in through the alcohol haze. I broke the silence.

I said "I really liked it. I want to remember it. Would you mind if I asked you for something?"

And when I was done, they looked at each other. Eric went upstairs to his gym bag to pull out a pair of his stinking socks. Vic gave me the jock I had lusted after in his locker the next time we were alone in the locker-room. Jeff just stood up and took off his pants and underwear and tossed the briefs that smelled so strongly of his dirty cock in my direction without looking at me.

It was Don's house. We all crashed there. His horrible jock was in the sink of the downstairs washroom the next morning where he said I would find it. It was moist and I could smell it before I even got near the sink.

I must have shot a thousand loads sniffing these items over the years. I am forever changed by the experience. I need ever heightened levels of man stink and ever stronger tasting piss to drink straight from the tap. It makes me shoot my own load right up on my face.

I am, since that night, the biggest piss and sniff pig I know

Anyone interested in having a smegoff
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Does this sound like a good idea to anyone?The way I think it could work is day 1, everyone washes their cock and post a picture every day to to the site to show their cheese and at the end of the contest the others vote for who they think has accumulated the most cheese.

Ian made me eat smegma
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"See that? That's smegma. Cock cheese. That's what happens when I don't wash all the time. I get it every day but I can't be bothered. This is 5 day's worth. Stinks don't it?"

I took a big whiff. It smelled like the most intense cocksmell I ever smelled. I took another big sniff of Ian's cock and continued to roll back his skin. At the ridge of his head, the skin pulled away suddenly and there, right in my face, was a huge accumulation of thick clumps of cheese joined by more creamy substance, and it all smelled immensely of dirty, filthy, unwashed cock. I brought Ian's cock to my nose and rubbed some of it right on the tip of my nose.

"Fuck man. Isn't that disgusting? I mean, aren't you grossed out?"

"No Ian", I said, and turned to look up at his face, "I have to say I like the smell of your dirty cock. I can smell it, and I can smell that old jockstrap smell of your nutsack, and, well, I like it a lot".

"You like my balls? Sniff em." and with that he pulled up his knees and shed his boxers once and for all, and layed straight out again, completely naked. I caught a good whiff of his feet as they flew by my nose too. Amazing. My cock ached.

I gave his handsome face one last look and then drove my face into his hairy, fragrant crotch. Heaven. Manstink heaven. Better than any sweaty jockstrap I ever secretly sniffed in a locker room. Better than any of the guy's dirty underwear I would beat off to when nobody was home. I licked and sucked his hairy balls while he moaned a bit, and muttered things like "fuckin' sick" and "dirty faggot". His breath was getting ragged and faster. I licked my way down to those feet and sniffed the totally sick sneaker smell and sour sock smell and licked the jam out from between his rank toes and sucked on the toes (which made him jump). He sat up.

I sat up because he was sitting up. His cock was standing straight up and the skin covered the head again.

"If you like my feet, buddy, you're gonna love the taste of my cheesy cock. SUCK me off!"